Test Day

Yesterday, I participated in the selection process for the course “Audiovisual Product for the Storytelling of the Territory” by Demetra Formazione, funded by the European Social Fund, where the Carta Bianca Association will handle the teaching. The written test, which lasted three hours, involved writing a subject (for a documentary, a commercial, a film) that told the story of a territory through its people and places.

It was so powerful to express my passion and imagination in that text. I was vibrating, had goosebumps, imagining that my creativity and human connections were constructing a narrative outline for a documentary that could actually be realized (at least in my view!). I felt deep down that I am meant for this, that I want to do this, that it’s my moment to return to writing and making documentaries! Inside, I feel ready, and I believe I couldn’t even avoid it if I tried.

With five minutes left, I handed in the text, a subject for a documentary intertwining three women’s lives, although I had to summarize it from the rough draft after realizing the maximum space available wouldn’t suffice. I took a photo, wanting to remember the moment. You can see it below. There were only three of us left 🤭.

After nine years since Mystique Ouidah, a documentary shot in Benin, Central Africa, with Simone Stefanelli and the support of Maison de la Joie, I feel that my awareness has transformed, that my challenges are now different, and that the life path that has brought me here needs a turning point.

I can’t wait to find out on Friday if the two tests, written and oral, scored well. I’m on pins and needles because I want to refine my technical knowledge, create new connections with professionals and collaborators, and create beautiful things together with beautiful people.

Wish me luck!

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