Weddings & Portraits

I am available for weddings and portrait photo shoots for couples and families.
I like to photograph in a respectful and careful way and without interfering, what is often defined as reportage style.
I take moments naturally, as far as possible, remaining invisible. For me it’s a really nice and fulfilling to work this way, I think the result is really much deeper and authentic.

I think that marriage is a unique event where at the center of attention are the well-being of the spouses and the desire to support them in every way, in the small or large difficulties that may arise, they are really attentive to the human and sensitive aspect of the people participating in the ceremony. My attention comes from a personal propensity developed also in the school of social reportage that I have behind me.

My technical skills also come from the world of naturalistic and show photography, I dedicate myself to grasping the fleeting expressiveness, the subtle glances, the complicity, everything that makes the so volatile feelings that one feel during these unique moments really live and real.

Today my perspective has changed drastically, I have completely let myself go to my emotional and sensitive part, this has allowed me to deeply feel the emotions and also to embrace those experienced by the spouses. I let myself be carried away by the passion that kidnaps me. I am so grateful for this change and so happy to be able to share those moments with the spouses, to be able to talk to them and watch them smile while experiencing such intense emotions, while they are deeply in tune and sharing.
I find myself feeling like a privileged spectator, with a delicate intimacy, granted to a few. I truly believe that my work is precious, so precious to be able to leave a trace of this uniqueness, of this wonder.

Even writing these words, knowing that I can share them and arouse a little emotion in those who have enough sensitivity to be able to understand and appreciate them, I feel grateful, it makes me feel grateful for the images that tell that whirlwind of emotions that envelop a wedding, which bring with it that wave of love, joy, romance and madness.

For weddings I work with my friend and collegue Marco Mastroianni.
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