Portfolio gallery – Events, music, commercial, portraits

I create photographic services for companies and commercial activities, portraits for managers and professionals on location and in the studio.

Trust a professional portrait photographer, I will build your image in the studio or directly in your company.
The portrait will be delivered in high resolution for all your communication needs: for the web and social media, for brochures and editorial publications.

Documenting an event is an important task, leaving traces of a human activity is a treasure that can be shared with others, thrilling them and making them experience and relive those same sensations. Over the years I have been able to document extraordinary events, both in the field of work and in the field of entertainment and culture.

Over the years I have had the great honor of being able to collaborate with important companies and brands, both Italian and international. Google, HP, Lamborghini and Hettabretz, Ferrari,

My great attention and desire to take care of others and respect the environment has led me to often collaborate with organizations that promote social and solidarity activities. I collaborated with Antoniano Onlus, Patologi Oltre Frontiera, Maison de la Joie Odv, Movimento Shalom Onlus.

Here you can find different types of photo assignments. A gallery of commercial services for events, portraits, music and more.