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I’m Matteo Perini, photographer and film-maker.

I’m involved in reportage & documentaries, telling of souls stories.
I’m a slow traveller and strong dreamer, I really care about the respect of our planet.

✯ I won a Documentary Award at Humanity Photo Awards by Cfpa & Unesco




Here you can find my photographic projects, the complete works are available with full-body related articles in different languages.



Directed by Matteo Perini, Simone Stefanelli. A documentary genre film – Italy, 2015, duration 52 minutes.
For thousands of years the mysterious and cryptic Voodoo faith has played a fundamental role on the populations of West Africa, in the Gulf of Guinea. In 2015, two reporter left for Ouidah for the third time. They try to discover what lies behind religious mysteries that at first glance seem inextricable, discovering not only the dynamics of the Voodoo faith, but a mixture of apparently distant and incompatible religions. This constellation of faiths seems to compose an umbilical cord that intimately binds the population: a magical mental and social condition that proves to be extremely unique and precious, especially in this moment of instability due to the disruptive action carried out by extremist groups.


Directed by Stefania Amanti, Matteo Perini. Documentary genre – Italy, 2015
August 2014. The Spartiti per Scutari Orkestra, an orchestra of traditional Albanian music, composed almost entirely of Italian musicians, goes on tour through the Balkans for the first time, taking a long bus journey to Kosovo and Albania. The final destination of the journey is Scutari itself, the city of origin of Bard Jakova, artistic director and only Albanian musician of the group. Every city and concert is an opportunity for meeting and exchange between the cultures of different peoples.

Commercial, events, music


I create photographic services for companies and commercial activities, portraits for a professionals in locations, in studio or directly at the company place.
The images will be delivered in high resolution for all communication needs: for the web and social media, for brochures and editorial publications.

Documenting an event is an important task, leaving traces of a human activity is a treasure that can be shared with others, thrilling them and making them experience and relive those same sensations. Over the years I have been able to document extraordinary events, both in the field of work and in the field of entertainment and culture.

Over the years I have had the great honor of being able to collaborate with important companies and brands, both Italian and international. Romagna Acque, Parco delle Foreste Casentinesi, Google, HP, Lamborghini and Hettabretz, Ferrari.

My great attention and desire to take care of others and respect the environment has led me to often collaborate with organizations that promote social and solidarity activities. I collaborated with Antoniano Onlus, Patologi Oltre Frontiera, Maison de la Joie Odv, Movimento Shalom Onlus.

Here you can find different kinds of photographic assignments. A
commercial portfolio gallery for events, portraits, music and more.


High quality prints

High quality prints available in various sizes.

➢ All my photographs are available to be printed on request,
you can find them on this website, on my instagram and on the facebook profile.

** Hi quality photo prints **
My photos are printed on ‘Kodak Endura Professional’ paper, professional paper that guarantees durability and unalteration for centuries, each print is shipped by courier in hard tube.

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Starting from
€ 50.00 for 20×30 cm print

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A gallery where you can find some of my pictures.


I am available for portraits and weddings photo shoots.
I like to photograph in a careful way and interfering minimally, with reportage style.
I take moments naturally, as far as possible. For me it’s a really nice and fulfilling to work this way, a deeper and authentic way.

My technical skills also come from the world of naturalistic and show photography, I dedicate myself to grasping the fleeting expressiveness, the subtle glances, the complicity, everything that makes the so volatile feelings that one feel during these unique moments really live and real.

I find myself feeling like a privileged spectator, with a delicate intimacy, granted to a few. I truly believe that my work is precious, so precious to be able to leave a trace of this uniqueness, of this wonder.

I think that marriage is a unique event where at the center of attention are the well-being of the spouses and the desire to support them in every way, in the small or large difficulties that may arise, they are really attentive to the human and sensitive aspect of the people participating in the ceremony. My attention comes from a personal propensity developed also in the school of social reportage that I have behind me.

For weddings I work with my friend and collegue Marco Mastroianni.

Contact me to get to know us better and for a quote. You can send me a message using →this form, you can also mail me, phone me or chat with me on Instagram and Facebook using the bottom site links.