Joussef Funky Drummer!

My friend, where have you been all this time?

Hidden among the beats, the notes, and the offbeats?

I was here, waiting for you to show up. I was also hidden in a Jazz club, behind barricades of counters, fiery bartenders, bursts of sour cocktails, and refermented wines.

Here you are, in your light, in your shadows, in smiles, grimaces, and boasts, lightness and strength, intensity and power, of your glorious youth.

Your art and your heart beat, pulsate in your bare chest, which is no longer afraid to show itself, to face the wind of life.

Life is waiting for you, out there, every night.

And we are no longer afraid.

We live it, without respite, but at a slow rhythm, a bachata, a tango, a milonga.

And then, often, a soul, a blues, a funky.

Thank you, Youssef, beautiful soul.


With the magnificent @youssef_funky_drummer

Savana Funk Music Band

Photo: Matteo Perini Photographer

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