Celestial Voodoo – Benin

“Documentary Award” winner at “Humanity Photo Awards 2015” CFPA & UNESCO.
Many religious beliefs, which can be profoundly different in both origins and ceremonials, are found in the equatorial surroundings of Benin. Ganvié and Ouidah are the looking glass of this spiritual coexistence, in which the Celestial Church of Christ and Voodoo traditions merge in the mystical collective imaginary. The Voodoo Festival takes place every year in January, in Ouidah. It’s an early tradition that brings together Chiefs, Féticheurs and thousands of faithful followers in a collective mystical fervency. It’s not unusual for others ancient ceremonies of Christian origins to take place during that time. One of those is baptism by immersion, a ritual which marks the conversion and admission into the Celestial community.